Speaking English - Online Guide to Learning English

Welcome to your new language!

English is now firmly established as the World's second language and the language of choice in business, commerce, medicine and many other important areas.

Being able to read English is important, but probably not as important as being able to speak English.

Resources to help you speak better English

Our site will list the many resources out on the web and beyond that will help you with speaking english.

Although this is a UK site, international English will be the version that is mostly used, rather than British or American English. Having a standard English is important for the future of the language as everyone's second language.

Some of things that will be covered on this site are...

# How to practise your English speaking
# Giving orders and instructions
# Talking about fear
# Being friendly in English
# Saying how happy you are
# Saying dates and numbers in English
# How to keep a conversation going
# How to avoid silence in English conversations
# Talking about your hobbies in English
# Improving your English pronunciation
# Telling a story
# Talking about the weather
# How to keep the conversation going

Latest English Language News

English now the second language for 30% of school kids

Manchester, the second largest city in the UK, is now catching London as a city with many schoolchildren having a first language that is not english.

Across Manchester, English is now a second language for 30.0pc of schoolchildren - up from 28.9pc two years ago. The national average is about 13 per cent.

Town hall chiefs said the figures reflected Manchester's proud tradition of diversity.

Jim Battle, the council's deputy leader, said: "For generations this has been a city where people have gathered from all over the world to live, work and study. These many different cultures bring so much to our communities and it is a tradition that works so well as people continue to share a mutual respect for one another's backgrounds and nationalities."

Teaching Assistant Orientation (TAO) 2012

Travelling to learn English?

If you are going to travel somewhere to learn the language then ensure you have adequate travel insurance for the over 80 as you might not be covered at all for health complications. The UK has a national health scheme but it is still important to have good cover.

You might also like to check out your travel safety health for additional information on travelling and ensure the country that your travelling too has adequate medical travel insurance coverage.

Latest TEFL News

Summer schools are a great way to kick off your TEFL career as they offer a variety of challenge and experience with a range of students from diverse nationalities, backgrounds and levels. They cater for newly qualified teachers effectively, providing support from and guidance by experienced teachers, and you can try out lots of different activities and approaches in the classroom. Young learners respond well to positive energy, a mixture of activities and are inspired by different styles and techniques. It is always a lot of fun!

Summer schools generally look for enthusiastic teachers who like to work hard and play hard developing solid lessons and participating in excursions and other activities. You can look out for all these jobs on the usual websites, and you can start looking now because schools start recruiting early - there are lots of vacancies to fill!